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Striving for new standards of treating osteoarthritis by advancing preventive and regenerative medicine aiming novel therapeutic targets


CartilaGen Co. is an Orthopaedic Biologics and Device Company focusing on developing drug-eluting biomaterials, disease modifying therapeutics, and wearable drug delivery devices to treat knee osteoarthritis (OA). CartilaGen is a spin-off from world-renowned orthopaedic research center and hospital in the US, which has extensive know how in researching osteoarthritis physio-pathogenic mechanisms and developed several unique OA and cartilage repair techniques.

The company is a leading innovator in preventative therapy for the onset of osteoarthritis and is expanding its product line out of two patented or patent pending technologies. Two of CartilaGen patented platform technologies are also recognized as a versatile tool for therapeutic drug delivery at large.




CG-Amnax® is a proprietary blend of drugs targeting novel therapeutic targets to prevent apoptosis of chondrocytes from excessive mechanical loading, reverse traumatic cartilage injury, and delay the onset of osteoarthritis.

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CG-Visco® is a patented bioactive material with versatility of delivering multiple therapeutic agents via intra-articular injection, which can activate the native stem cells, signaling them towards the damage and eventually regenerating functional cartilage.

Drawing-layerExport (2)CG-Perfex® is a living osteochondral implant fabricated by our patented 3D Bioprinting system. This customized biological implant can resemble native tissue both mechanically and histologically, providing functional replacement for damaged articular cartilage and bone


Targeting the root cause

Novel therapeutic agents precisely target the onset of osteoarthritis at the cellular level

Preventative therapy

Not limited to control symptoms, but to retard disease progression and prevent cartilage injury from developing into osteoarthritis

Versatile platform

Platform technologies offer enormous opportunities for drug delivery application, and broader therapy for other diseases.








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